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Home Prep Checklist

Buyers decide within the first 15 seconds of entering a home whether or not they like the home. It's critical to manage your home's curb appeal. Make sure they like what they see when pulling into the driveway, too.



  • Remove any debris or trash.
  • Mow and edge the lawn.
  • Wash the sidewalks, porch, driveway.
  • Put away tools and children’s toys.
  • Clean the gutters.
  • Wash front facing windows (including those pesky little ones on the garage door).


  • Declutter, organize and clean.
  • Make basic paint touchup.
  • Replace lightbulbs, opening window treatments, remove screens.
  • Make neccessary repair and maintenance items to things buyers wil try while looking
    • fix leaky faucets,
    • working cabinet pulls and hinges,
    • closet and entry doors and locks,
    • windows open, close and lock.
  • Minimize the impact any pets have on the appearance and attractiveness of the homes (remove pets during showings, if possible).
  • Remove personal items not included in the sale.


Home Value Check

Take advantage of your home's equity. Whether you want to fund your next great vacation, upgrade to a smaller home or invest in a second home, using your home's equity can be a great way to build your personal wealth through real estate.


Get a quick, FREE home value check:



Once you receive your quick home value check, I'll contact you to schedule a no-obligation, detailed market analysis.

Lender Resources

Finding a reliable lender is critical when considering a refinance, deciding to invest in a second home or planning to upgrade to a smaller home.


The single most important thing to consider when choosing a lender, isn't their rates, or loan programs. The most important things a mortgage lender can do for you is:

  • process your loan quickly,
  • efficiently,
  • without errors,
  • and close on time.

Please contact me to find a lender that works for you. I've worked with many lenders and can provide a list of referrals.